Fallon's Q & A with Author Amber Garr - During our 500 Likes Celebration

I am so excited to celebrate our Facebook pages 500 likes by having a special guest today! 

Today we have Amber Garr joining us for a Q & A

I am so excited to welcome with us Amber Shawl Garr, thank you for joining us now for a Q&A session! 

Seeing Double in Neverland -   Question 1) What age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Amber Shawl Garr  - Thanks ladies! I've been creating my whole life but it wasn't until 4-5 years ago that I started writing seriously. And now I can't stop!

Seeing Double in Neverland Question 2) - What was the inspiration behind your Water Crisis Chronicles series?

Amber Shawl Garr - Well, I'm a scientist by day and for YEARS I've wanted to tell a story about what would happen when we ran out of the one resource we absolutely needed to survive - drinking water. Then one day, I envisioned the opening scene with Zach running for his life after stealing a small amount of water for his friends/family...and the rest is history. Ha!

Amber Shawl Garr  - Originally it was only supposed to be one, stand-alone book - but you know how that goes.

Seeing Double in Neverland -  Question 3) -  Amber Shawl Garr What Made you choose such a strong female lead such as Vivienne for Waterproof?

Amber Shawl Garr -  I'm a sucker for strong females and not a fan of characters who don't really stand up for themselves. I also kind of liked that she turned out to be the 'tougher" of the two leads - the other one who happens to be the boy she's always loved just never really faced it.

Seeing Double in Neverland  - Question 4) -  Amber Shawl Garr I am kind of in love with Riley. I like bad boys, is he going to play a major role in book 2?

Amber Shawl Garr Oh yes! Riley is very...complicated...and sometimes misunderstood. He will be very prevalent in Vee's life after that dramatic ending in Waterproof.

Seeing Double in Neverland  - Question 5) -  Amber Shawl Garr So what book is Fallon making an appearance? And is she the Villian?

Amber Shawl Garr Ha! For those who don't know - I love the name Fallon. So, she made it into my new YA book SOULLESS. I don't want to give too much away, but I will say that she's introduced in Book 1 as a somewhat villain, but may redeem herself in Book 2.  And Morgan - I think I'll have to throw you in the mix too...

Seeing Double in Neverland Thank you so much for coming by Amber Shawl Garr and answering our questions

Amber Shawl Garr Of course! Thanks so much for having me - you two are awesome!


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