Fierce Reads Tour in Vero Beach FL with Authors Anna Banks, Katie Finn, Lindsay Smith and Marie Rutkoski

On May 20th we got to attend the Fierce Reads tour!

Anna Banks Highlights:

There were the hysterical highlights mainly called Anna Banks!

Some of my favorite things we learned about Anna Banks:

She loves Sasquatch, she believes he is real and so are mermaids. She thinks Umpa Lumpa's are mythological creatures LOL. That Marie Rutkoski is out to get her. They were all like siblings picking on each other. 

She explains "outlining as liking being in a shower with your Bra on. You know something is wrong and you feel restricted at a time you should feel free".

When asked about her favorite thing about being an Author she said, "it is like a cheesecake sampler where you want to try all the flavors".

When asked what super power she would want to have she said, "She would want to be able to eat whatever she wanted and her enemy get fat from it."."Top that!"

When asked what inspired her to be a writer she stated, "that she read an Author's book and thought she could do that, because it was such an easy read. The writing seemed effortless." Anna confessed though that, that Author "taught me on that."

Anna banks is working on a new venture called Joyride 

Marie Rutkoski Highlights:

Marie Rutkoski was the poised well spoken scholarly type. 

Fun facts Marie tried to learn how to fence but her husband was better at it so she never went back because she said, "it was humiliating."

When asked about what Super Power she would want she stated that she has been trying to learn the Cello and that she wishes she was so great overnight.

Marie Rutkoski said, "she is not in to paranormal books and she does not really read or write about them."

Marie maintains a full time job even while pursuing her writing career.   

Marie Rutoski is working on The Winner's Crime

Lindsay Smith Highlights:

Like Marie, Lindsay also maintains a full time job while supporting her writing career. 

She mentioned her next project as being in the same genre as Kristin Cashore's Graceling series and I was sold.

When asked what super power she would want she said, "Well definitely not to read peoples minds." 

Lindsay does not outline when writing and a fun fact was that actually none of the Authors on the panel outline.

She does not like to read very many summer books she prefers a colder climate type of book. 

Katie Finn Highlights:

Katie mentioned, "She loves to write feel good reads that anyone can pick up and enjoy at the beach for the summer."

Katie Finn was teased by Anna Banks about her other Author name Morgan Matson so I teased back when they opened up the Q&A about Anna Banks other Author name as Anna Scarlet. LOL

Katie Finn when asked about the super power she would want she said, "She would want to be like Mystique, so she could turn into anyone she wanted too."

Her dream job would be to be the person who got to sit in an office thinking of the names for nail polish.

 We had such a great time at the Fierce Reads Vero Beach Event here are pictures of our Highlingts!  

Katie Finn, Anna Banks, Lindsay Smith and Marie Rutkoski

 To the Left: Anna Banks and Lindsay Smith on the panel, To the Right: The Panel Signing

Fallon geeking out on getting to meet Marie Rutkoski! 
She was the sweetest person


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