Throwback Thursday ~ Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver


Throwback Thursday's feature is Lauren Oliver's Delirium Trilogy!

Morgan and I both loved this series and will tell you why

Fallon's Thoughts:

The reason I loved this series was it felt realistic. I loved the fact that each book had it's own unique appeal. We start off in book 1 with what seems to be a perfect society. Alex changes everything in Lena's life. My favorite character has to be the best friend Hannah. In the second book I loved the fact that Lena had to learn to live in the real world without someone handing her everything she needs. She has to learn to do things for herself. Requiem is where all the courses that took all their lives in different directions comes to ahead. This was such a great dystopian. This is a must read!

Morgan's Thoughts:

With Delirium the first book I liked that it was original with them believing love was a sickness that they needed to be cured from. They lived in fear of anything outside their walls. I thought all the books were gritty and raw. They had their struggles and every character questioned their choices. Know ones life was easy for example Hannah who is rich and beautiful, thought her life would be perfect. Hannah ended up having the far from perfect life. Every decision had a consequence.


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