Broken Promise (Between Worlds #2) by Julia Crane & Talia Jager

5 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

Over a year has passed since Rylie returned to her 'human' life. She now knows the truth about her past – and the destiny she can’t yet accept. Rylie struggles to choose between two different worlds, each with a boy she loves. News that her father is alive complicates her life even more. Among the broken hearts and promises, a chance for a new beginning will emerge.

Fallon's Review:

I so needed some more Kallan so I dived straight in to Broken Promise and Julia Crane and Talia Jager did not disappoint. Rylie is still having a hard time dealing with the fact that her parents are not who she thought they were her entire life. Then to make matters more complicated Rylie keeps seeing Teal in her vision and knows Kallan is near. Why would he be in the human world?

Back to school and the new guy is getting all the girls attention. Guess who Kallan decides to enroll in an attempt to win Rylie over. Now Rylie is torn obviously drawn and very attracted to Kallan but dating long time boyfriend and best friend Adam. 

Julia and Talia have this journey come to a head in the end of this 2nd book. Rylie will have to choose. Journeys and heartache are inevitable and Rylie will feel them full force. I can not wait to check out book 3 due to be released sometime this fall. I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars and will be buying this book in Paperback as well to keep on my bookshelf.


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