#Giveaway ~ Celebrating our 6 Month Blogaversary with Veronica Rossi

Seeing Double In Neverland 6 Month Blogaversary

6 Months ago we posted our first review Into The Still Blue by Veronica Rossi

I was so fortunate to 6 months later attend Veronica Rossi's Launch under her pen name release with Lorin Oberweger. I attended the Boomerang Launch by Noelle August

These two Authors were Hilarious and adorable. They compared there new NA book Boomerang to the Hangover and I was like I am so in. They each read a chapter of the Dating scene Rossi who wrote Ethan and Oberweger who wrote Mia. They had everyone in the room laughing. We got to ask questions and found out this is a 3 book deal and there is talk of interest for film rights. (knock on wood) You could tell these two Authors worked so well together and had no problem with communication in there writing relationship. They both had loved the cover and did get some say in it. When I asked about did they always want to be a writer. Veronica expressed how she had been into the arts but found herself writing poetry that eventually turned into her love of writing. Lorin had written a poem in grade school and had a teacher encourage her and has been doing it and editing ever since. 

I got to hang out with and make friends with a group of bloggers from Miami 

                                                                        Veronica AKA (August), Fallon and Lorin AKA (Noelle)

I had the best time attending the after party courtesy of the Authors. They were so awesome and went above and beyond to make everyone so comfortable. I wish I had a picture of My Henna Tattoo I got of a storm in honor of Veronica. She took a picture on her phone because my camera died. I will post it if I get it soon. I loved talking books with Veronica and Lorin both love a strong female and one that has supportive people in there lives. They said they hate it when a lead character surrounds themselves with friends who treat them horrible. "Who would do that in real life"

So to thank our followers we are having a fun Giveaway 1 Winner will get a copy of Under The Never Sky signed plus tattoos by Veronica Rossi and as well as Boomerang signed by Noelle August

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