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5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

After The Ending was Amazing. (This review is not as detailed because the book starts off right away and I do not want to spoil key moments.) I was glued from the very beginning. Literally by page 20 you are already so invested. This story is from 2 POV's Dani and Zoe and they are best friends. I have to say I preferred Dani for the first part of the book but then I got into Zoe's story and loved them both.

This book had so many great aspects. Disease is taking over and 85% of the population is dying or passed on from the disease. This world brings some survivors closer together and others are harder to trust. Do you stay together or go it alone?

I am in love with this book I can not even express it in enough words. It had romance, action, humor and moments of absolute horror. I was swooning over Zoe's brother Jason. I can not wait for Into The Fire. If you have been looking for a great read that you will not want to put down, this is your book! I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars. This book is one of my favorites books off all time.


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5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

Into The Fire started off with a new character and a new twist to the plot. Everything you thought you knew and the lost that was experienced in After The Ending changes in Into The Fire. I could not put this book down. Zoe and Dani are separated once again. Jason is devastated and on the war path to get Dani back. The only problem is war lives are lost.

Who is the Mystery Guy tat has been in Dani's dreams? Well MG gets a name and a huge part in this second book. t can not tell you how many twists this book had. Not everything is as it seems. The most scary abilities seem to be the ones that can control the minds of those around them and seem to be the most abused. How do you defeat someone that can control your every whim. 

I can not even describe how much I love this series. Jason's love and protective nature over Dani is so swoon worthy. Also we finally get Jake and Zoe to admit to what is going on between them. I was dying after the cliffhanger ending in After The Ending and had to pick this up right after. This book will have you reading all through the night. The world building in this book and the fact that the Authors continually intrigue and surprise is so addicting. This is a must read series and I only wish I had read these sooner. This is a 5 out of 5 star book. 

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Out of The Ashes Teaser ~ Jason

The Newest book in The Ending Series Out of The Ashes is available now!

The Prizes:
  • (20) After The Ending (book one) ebooks
  • Grand prize--series ebook collection and audiobooks, including:
  1. After The Ending, book one
  2. Into The Fire, book two
  3. Out Of The Ashes, book three
  4. The Ending Beginnings prequel novellas--the six short-story compilation
  5. After The Ending and Into The Fire Audiobooks
  • Second place prize--the Ending Series audiobooks (After The Ending and Into The Fire)

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