#Giveaway Young Elites & Infinite Sea Tours: B & L Books Store Interview & Review of The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey, Young Elites Review

Interview with B & L Books in Orlando FL

1. When did you open B & L Books?

B & L was opened in December of 86 and we purchased it in june of 87.

2. What has been the best moment in your bookstores success? 

Reaching the 25 years in business milestone was great. A lot of Independent bookstores 

don't make it that long.

3. When did you finish your remodel of B & L Books? 

We finished the remodel Memorial Day weekend, 2014.

4. How did you develop such a close relationship with Penguin? 

I have a close relationship with all of my reps at Penguin, it has just developed over 14

years of working closely together.

5. Is there anything Orlando area book lovers can look forward to this coming year from B & 

L Books?

For the rest of the year we will be hosting on November 15, Florida Independent Bookstore 

day and then the following Saturday is American Express Small Business 

Saturday/Customer appreciation day for our customers.

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5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

This book starts off with an emotional opening that makes you think about humanity and what makes us weak and what makes us strong.

Evan Walker risked everything giving Cassie and the others a chance to change the outcome. What will this band of kids do with the chance they have? Ben is hurt and needs to have time to heal. In a apocalyptic world time can kill. Like Rick says in the book "The world is a clock winding down. There are no such things as uneventful minutes anymore." (Infinite Sea) The group is held up in a hotel and trying to figure out there next move. Ringer heads out to scout for there departure and soon Teacup follows. 

One of my favorite POV's had to be from Poundcake the mute who never talks. Hearing his back story and seeing how he gets his nickname. I never knew I wanted his story but it was like Rick Yancey knew we needed it and we did. The 5th Wave was mostly Cassie and Ben's POV but in Infinite Sea we do not get anything from Ben's POV and Cassie's POV is very minimal. That was ok we get Ringers POV from the start and I loved getting to know Ringer. She has always appeared to be emotional cut off but getting the breakdown of who she was and who she is and who she will become was my favorite part.

This book was emotional and raw. Rick Yancey does not hold back in saying what needs to be said. There are parts I cried and unlike most writers Rick lets you experience the true nature of people and he does not sugar coat what this world would be like. People die and things get ugly and that is sad but it is what you do in those moments that will either keep you alive or make you join the ones already lost. I can not wait for book 3 in this series. This is a must read. I am giving this 5 out of 5 stars.

 Seeing Double In Neverland getting ready for Rick and Marie Lu then our Selfie with Rick Yancey!

5 Out of 5 Stars


The  Young Elites is amazing, I loved this book! It had some great twists and turns that were unexpected and left me breathless! I love Marie's writing style and this darker book was fantastic!!! 

Adelina is a girl you can connect with and feel for through the story. Adelina goes through so much in her past with her dad's constant abuse, she is told by her father that her true nature is something dark and evil, and that she will prove it to everyone. 

Adelina struggles through out the story wondering if she is the things she has been told or that people fear she is. She fears she will not find goodness in her self or be able to control her feelings. 

Then we meet Enzo he is the first to see Adelina's potential and want to give her a chance. I have to say I love Enzo! He is a little dark with a hard edge to him, and has a fire ability, what is not to like? The other Dagger members warn Enzo to be careful of Adelina, that she may not be trustworthy, but Enzo sees something in her and is drawn to her.

Adelina's sister has been captured and she has to decide if she will risk her new friendships and a new home to save her. There is so many surprises and heartbreak for Adelina in this book, but this is so worth reading and one of the best reads of 2014!!!

I definitely did not see some of the twists coming in this book! I cannot wait for book 2, I hope that we get some more twists in that book too!!!

Seeing Double In Neverland with Author Marie Lu

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