Marie Lu Interview on The Young Elites Tour stop at B & L Books in Orlando, FL ~ by Fallon

We were so excited to get some time to talk with Marie Lu before her scheduled signing for The Young Elites Tour at B & L Books. We were both having a fangirl moment. Marie was so adorable and sweet. We enjoyed talking books with her. Check out our interview to find out what is on the horizon, who inspired her and what her favorite book this year has been.

Interview with Marie Lu by Seeing Double

Seeing Double: Are you working on anything new?

Marie: I am working on the sequel for The Young Elites.

Seeing Double: When can I expect to get the sequel for The Young Elites? I need more Enzo now!!!

Marie: Next Fall is when the sequel is set to be  released. I just handed in my first draft of the sequel of The Young Elites.

Seeing Double: I am excited about your short stories that are coming out in anthologies, are they original stories or based off  another series?

Marie: They are originals, one is a horror, and the other a historical.
Here are the links to the new Anthologies:

Seeing Double: How did you like doing a children's book?

Marie: I am done doing the children's book, I was nervous doing it because it was the first time doing a children's book.

Seeing Double: Did you do the art for the Legend graphic novel?

Marie: No, Penguin got someone to do it.

Seeing Double: You are a great artist we have seen your art!

Marie: Thank you! I don't think I could do a graphic novel from beginning to end.

Seeing Double: Did you go to art school?

Marie: No, I have been drawing since I was a kid.

Seeing Double: In the sequel for The Young Elites will you have most of the original characters or will it be a lot of new characters?

Marie: Most of the original characters and a few new characters.

Seeing Double: Have you thought of doing an adult book?

Marie: I don't know if I have the right voice for it. I thought I was writing adult my whole life and it ended up I was writing young-adult.

Seeing Double: Do you have any siblings, and is that what maybe inspires you to write the family dynamics that are in both of your series?

Marie: No, I have no siblings. Maybe that is why I add the sibling dynamics into my series.

Seeing Double: Since I read that The Young Elites was inspired off of Assassins Creed, so you play it?

Marie: Yes

Seeing Double: Did you take inspiration from the brotherhood, and which one did you base it off of?

Marie: I based The Young Elites off of Assassins Creed II.

Seeing Double: What besides your book has been  your favorite book this year?

Marie: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. I missed a flight reading that book, it was that good! I am loving all these fantasy books coming out.

Seeing Double: Who was your inspiration for your writing when you were growing up?

Marie: Brian Jaques, got me into reading and writing fantasy.

We want to thank the amazing and very kind Marie Lu for giving us such a great interview and letting us totally fan girl! She was so sweet, anyone who helped with the event she drew her amazing artwork on their books!!! Thank you again Marie!

After, Marie Lu did amazing art on our books. They are so beautiful we had to share.

Marie Lu drawing Day! Now here are all our finished covers!

Legend trilogy art

Marie Lu drawing Adelina Amouteru
The Young Elites

The Young Elites art


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