Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dragon Month #Giveaway with Flying Blind (The Dragon Diaries Trilogy #1) by Deborah Cooke ~ Review by Fallon

Dragon Month with Deborah Cooke! Rafflecopter below with Signed copy of Flying blind and amazing exclusive swag.

4 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

Zoë is the only female dragon shifter in existence. There can only be one Wyvern in existence at a time. Zoë's has not developed her abilities which is making her the lower class of her kind. Zoë is skinny and not coming into her own. She has the biggest crush on the Pyr Nick and she would give anything for him to notice her. she is getting the chance to manifest her powers by being sent to a Pyr boot camp. Her forever crush will be at camp.

As soon as Zoë gets to camp she realizes she needs to get her act together and become the Wyvern she was destined to become. Things at camp do not seem quite right. Soon the adults are gone and it is up to the young Pyrn to find out just what is going on.

Deborah created this imaginative vivid dragon world. I could not put this down. The way she explains the shifting is very detailed and I found nothing lacking. I loved the playfulness between Zoë and Nick. Yet Zoë has some new eye candy, one a human bad boy named Jared and then the mystery man that shows up at camp Adrian. Not the outsider anymore she finds herself the center of some wanted and some unwanted attention. This BOOK was a very fast passed adventure that you will adore from beginning till end. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars and I can not wait to read more from Deborah Cooke.
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 Giveaway! 1 Winner will get a copy of Flying Blind by Deborah Cooke, Dragon Earrings and  post cards from Flying blind and her adult dragon series.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Penguin Authors Marie Lu and Rick Yancey signing event at B & L Books October 10th

B & L Books ~ 990 N State Rd 434 Suite 1140, Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

October 10th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. 

Books are priced as follows
Legend, Prodigy, Champion are $9.99 each in paperback.
5th wave, Infinite Sea, and Young Elites are $18.99 each in Hardcover. Taxes are not included in the pricing and will be added on at time of purchase. Pre orders will guarantee you a copy even if you don't make it to the signing. Call (407) 682-0090 (All books must be purchased from B & L Books, unless previously purchased the books from B & L Books. No outside books allowed!)
customers who pre-purchase their books will be admitted into the event first so that they don't have to wait as long in the line.

You do not want to miss these two amazing Authors

Marie Lu, Young Elites Tour and Rick Yancey, The Infinite Sea Tour ~ We will be there and hope you will too!

Dragon Month with #Giveaway The Burning Sky (The Elemental Trilogy #1) by Sherry Thomas ~ Review by Fallon

Dragon Month with The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas! Also below is a rafflecopter for you to win your very own copy signed courtesy of Sherry Thomas.

4 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

Thank you Sherry Thomas for this amazing book to review and now cherish!

Iolanthe has developed extraordinary elemental powers unlike anyone in her world. She soon becomes involved in a life full of adventure. Iolanthe is on the run with an arrogant Prince. He will stop at nothing to protect her, but has his own agenda. Iolanthe has to learn to believe in herself and make the tough choices she was trained to make. Her Gaurdian was captured from the moment after the lightning bolt fell from the sky. Iolanthe will have to decide which path she wants to take and just who might need saving.

Prince Titus has always known which way his path in life would leave. Never let anyone get close, Never let them in. Iolanthe steps all over that idea and squashes it. Titus has firm beliefs and struggles to keep Iolanthe at 
a distance. Now Titus and Iolanthe only have each other to confide in. They need each other to get through all the obstacles set before them.

The dynamics between Titus and Iolanthe were so great. I loved the fact Sherry Thomas really developed who each character was before adding to the dynamics. It was something that built slowly and not fast and all at once. My favorite parts were the adventures in the book of Fairy-tales. where yes they get to battle Dragons!!! I am giving it 4 stars because of my one pet peeve that happened throughout the book. They kept referring emotions or themselves as "person". Beside that this story was original, intense, beautiful and visually stunning, I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Check out the trailer for The Burning Sky by Sherry Thomas

check out The Perilous Sea book 2 just released this month!

Buy The Burning Sky and The Perilous Sea today!

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Giveaway signed copy of The Burning Sky courtesy of Sherry Thomas

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cover Reveal Blitz & #Giveaway for Rebellion (The Elysium Chronicles #3) by J.A. Souders

J.A. Souders and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover for REBELLION, book 3 in the Elysium Chronicles releasing in June 9, 2015! Check out the gorgeous cover and enter to win the books!

I have loved reading every moment of this series and am so in love with this new cover! Love it J. A. Souders and well done TOR!

On to the reveal! 

Author: J.A. Souders
Publisher: TOR Teen
Pub. Date: June 9, 2015
Find it: Goodreads

About J.A. Souders 

J.A. SOUDERS is the author of the Elysium Chronicles and lives in the land of sunshine and palm trees with her husband and two children where she spends her time writing about the monsters under the bed, day dreaming about living in an underwater colony, and failing miserably at playing video games.

Giveaway Details:

1 winner will receive physical copies of RENEGADE AND REVELATIONS plus the eNovellas. And ASK AGAIN LATER by Liz Czukas. If you have J.A.s books already, she will do an amazon or book depository gift card of the same value. International.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1) by Sara Raasch ~ ARC Review by Fallon

5 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

A heartbroken girl. A fierce warrior. A hero in the making.

Sixteen years ago the Kingdom of Winter was conquered and its citizens enslaved, leaving them without magic or a monarch. Now, the Winterians’ only hope for freedom is the eight survivors who managed to escape, and who have been waiting for the opportunity to steal back Winter’s magic and rebuild the kingdom ever since.

Orphaned as an infant during Winter’s defeat, Meira has lived her whole life as a refugee, raised by the Winterians’ general, Sir. Training to be a warrior—and desperately in love with her best friend, and future king, Mather — she would do anything to help her kingdom rise to power again.

So when scouts discover the location of the ancient locket that can restore Winter’s magic, Meira decides to go after it herself. Finally, she’s scaling towers, fighting enemy soldiers, and serving her kingdom just as she’s always dreamed she would. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and Meira soon finds herself thrust into a world of evil magic and dangerous politics – and ultimately comes to realize that her destiny is not, never has been, her own.

Fallon's Review:

Thank you so much Harper Collins for this ARC! You know when you have wanted a book for a long time and you have been counting down the days till you could open it and delve into every page. That was how I felt about getting to read Snow Like Ashes. You know what is even better? When the book can squash all your hopes and burn them into oblivion. I will cherish this beautiful tale of the seasons forever. Snow has always been so crisp and beautiful, how can you not want to love it. "Even the strongest blizzard starts with a single snowflake."

Sara Raasch has started a blizzard in my heart with this story. The power and self discovery each character discovers is so driven. Each season we got a glimpse in pulls you in and intrigues you. Then there is Theron. Ok enough said. Meira is the girl you always hope you will be. Unsure but stronger then she knows. With a fierce sense of loyalty and desire to her people. Meira feels nobody understands her and finds herself always fighting a cause. I think sometimes this is how we all feel. I related so much to Meira.

I am so excited to read the finished copy of this book in October and I can not wait for Sara Raasch next book in this series. Like Sara states in this book "Someday we will be more than words in the dark." I can not wait for Winters word to come alive in book 2. If you love original unique fantasy novels then this is for you. I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#Giveaway Dragon Month with The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo ~ Review by Fallon

5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

This book was everything I wanted and so much more. Leigh Bardugo takes you to a place of enchantment. Her imagination is out of this world. I was glued to every page and was screaming for more. The dynamic relationships had my heart all a flutter at times and then breaking and gripping the pages at other moments. 

What a great journey we get to see Alina develop and become the person she was meant to be. Always afraid of being different and loosing the one person she felt was her home. Alina realizes she is more then she ever could have imagined. I am giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. This is a must read!

5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

This book was such a beautiful emotional journey. I could not put it down. I also have to say I loved the story with the Ice Dragon and would love if his story was told someday. As with many love triangles my heart went one way and has been breaking ever since. I love the dynamic Leigh gives you. At times each has their strengths and then their weaknesses. 

Leigh Bardugo really had me living through Alina in this book. their is a scene where Mal is fighting and I was in tears because I felt the hurt Alina had felt in that moment. (I am being vague do to spoilers) Genya and Alina's friendship was one of my favorite aspects of the first book and I cried so much for Genya in this book as well. Yes I was reduced to crying like a baby. Yet I loved every moment of it. This is a must read! 5 out of 5 stars. 

5 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

Everything comes to an end in this final book of The Grisha trilogy. This was such a epic conclusion and no one walks away the same. I felt so much loss from this book but it is the books that make us feel that will stay with us forever and Leigh Bardugo accomplished that. 

Alina now has 3 men vying for her affection but with a war ahead marriage and love may not be in the cards. Each man has very different qualities and each has charmed me. I tend to like a darker more dominate man so you may know who I want Alina with. I felt the end of this book was perfect for the journey that Leigh took us on. This is a must read and I am giving it 5 out of 5 stars.

Morgan got to meet up with Leigh Bardugo in Decatur, GA on a Fierce Reads panel. She picked up some extra swag just for you guys for this month to Giveaway! Also she got the scoop of Leigh Bardugo doing a spin off The Grisha Trilogy called: The Dregs and we can not wait!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Vault of Dreamers (Untitled #1) by Caragh M. O'Brien ~ Review by Fallon

5 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

From the author of the Birthmarked trilogy comes a fast-paced, psychologically thrilling novel about what happens when your dreams are not your own.
The Forge School is the most prestigious arts school in the country. The secret to its success:  every moment of the students' lives is televised as part of the insanely popular Forge Show, and the students' schedule includes twelve hours of induced sleep meant to enhance creativity. But when first year student Rosie Sinclair skips her sleeping pill, she discovers there is something off about Forge. In fact, she suspects that there are sinister things going on deep below the reaches of the cameras in the school. What's worse is, she starts to notice that the edges of her consciousness do not feel quite right. And soon, she unearths the ghastly secret that the Forge School is hiding—and what it truly means to dream there.

Fallon's Review:

I am a huge fan of Caragh M. O'Brien's Birthmarked Trilogy and am so thankful she was sweet enough to send me an ARC for review of Vault of Dreamers.

Forge is a school for the most gifted students of the arts in the country. Vault of Dreamers is set in the future. Testing the theory of being observed on camera produces stronger goals of achievement. These students also have to be on camera for 12 hours but then are put to sleep in separate shells for 12 hours. Then their is the competitive side of the game 100 start and only 50 can remain and the public votes for their top 50.

The rich and elite are among most of the privileged students to attend Forge but then we follow the story of Rosie who is the complete opposite. Rosie's mom works to support her entire family and she has a step-father she resents that just sits on the couch all day. Forge was Rosie's last chance at a potential future. Leaving Forge is not an option.

Rosie starts to skip her sleeping pill and notices things are not right and students are being taken and returned by morning. Rosie is determined to discover what is going on for the 12 hours off camera. Soon she finds herself in over her head.

I loved the psychology of this book. If you knew something and saw it for your own eyes and then were questioned by others who thought different, would you second guess yourself? How fragile is the mind and how easy is it to keep plucking till it unravels. I became so fascinated by where Caragh took this story.

For me this had the perfect ending. Now if you like ending where they wrap everything in a neat package and ride off into the sunset then this may not be for you. I loved the raw psychological aspect and felt everything that happened was so fitting for the message and story Caragh wanted to tell. I am giving this story 5 out of 5 stars and can not wait to read this again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#Giveaway Dragon Month with Deliverance (Defiance #3) by C.J. Redwine ~ Review by Fallon

5 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

Everything hangs in the balance, and nothing is certain: Rachel has been kidnapped by enemy forces and is being taken to Rowansmark while Logan, imprisoned and awaiting trial, is unable to leave Lankenshire. Separated from each other and their Baalboden comrades, each must find a way to achieve what they desperately want: to rid their world once and for all of the Commander and the tech that controls the deadly Cursed One.

Fighting through her pain and embracing the warrior she’s become, Rachel will do whatever it takes to escape her enemies’ clutches and join Logan in his fight. But when she learns a secret that changes everything, she realizes that escaping Ian and his tracker friends is no longer an option if she wants to save the people she loves. Instead, she’ll have to destroy Rowansmark from the inside out—if she can survive the journey through the Wasteland.

Logan needs allies if he wants to thwart Rowansmark’s power grab and rescue Rachel. But securing allies will mean betraying his beliefs and enlisting the help of the man he hates more than anyone: Commander Jason Chase. Driven by his fierce love for Rachel and his determination to make their world safe, Logan may be just the weapon the city-states need to defeat the Cursed One.

But as Rowansmark bears down and uneasy alliances are tested, will Rachel and Logan’s love for each other be enough to surmount the unbelievable odds against them?

Fallon's Review:

I received an ARC of this from the publisher for a fair and honest review. Thank you Balzer + Bray.

This book picks right back up where Deception left off. Rachel is kidnapped by Ian and Logan is desperate to find her. He will gather an army to bring her back to him. Rachel is no damsel in distress though. 

I love the fact Rachel has worked through her grief and found that fierce spark once again. There are only two strong heroines I feel are strong in all the books I have read, Rachel from Courier's trilogy and Katsa from Graceling. I think what makes Rachel so strong is she understands her weaknesses and compensates for them.

Here is my favorite quote from the book and it is not a spoiler. Rachel in reference to Logan "Missing him feels like something I was born to do. I breathe. I blink. I miss Logan. I couldn't stop if I tried. I don't try. I want the hurt. The ache that threads through my body until I can't separate the pain in my arm from the pain in my heart. Ian was right about one thing - pain reminds me that I'm still alive. Still here. Still moving forward even when it would be so much easier to stop."

Deliverance is like when Game of Thrones ends, you never will be happy when it ends. I will miss Rachel and Logan. This was a spectacular series CJ Redwine gave the world. I will forever admire Rachel's tenacity. Respect Logan's loyalty. Defiance Trilogy ended on a perfect note and this series had it all action, grief, dragons, dystopian future, tough chicks and romance. I am giving this entire series 5 out of 5 stars because together they earn that rating and even individually they earn it. This is a must read.

Giveaway signed bookmarks of the Defiance trilogy courtesy of the Author C.J. Redwine! (This is a stock photo of my bookmarks that should be similar to what you get.)

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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Giveaway Shattered (Scorched #2) by Mari Mancusi ~ Review by Fallon

5 Out of 5 Stars

Authors Description

A girl at the end of the world.

Two brothers fighting for opposite sides.

And a dragon who can save them all...

Or set the world on fire.

Trinity's world changed forever the day she stole Emmy's egg. Now she's on the run with the last living dragon and twin brothers from a war-torn future. Connor may have betrayed his mission to kill Emmy, but he'll do whatever it takes to prevent the coming dragon apocalypse. Coddling a temperamental dragon on its way to being the size of a house is no way to keep them safe. But Caleb can't stand to see Emmy trapped and miserable. 

When a video of Emmy flying over the skies of the Texas Hill Country goes viral, the government closes in--and the future they've risked everything for is about to go up in flames.

Fallon's Review:

I received an ARC of Shattered courtesy of the Sourcebooks for an honest and fair review. Trinity is on the run with Emmy, Caleb, Connor and her grandfather. Having to keep Emmy a secret may start to pose a problem with the rate this young dragon is growing. Saving the dragon was the first step but keeping her and the rest of the world safe might be just a little bit harder. 

We get introduced to a new character Scarlet. Scarlet is just trying to get through life by avoiding the man who abuses her mom. She soon discovers Emmy and captures a video of her flying. The video becomes viral. Scarlet also feels the need to protect Emmy from anyone who might bring her harm.

Caleb is my favorite character and he is still really struggling with the lose of his dragon Fred. Caleb finds himself visiting the nether more and more. Loosing sense of reality and feeling like a failure who will never compare to his brother is eating at Caleb. 

There were so many great aspects to this book. I was messaging Mari the whole time reading this and I can not wait for Smoke the 3rd book. This book has it all adventure, time travel, fantasy, action and romance but best of all Dragons. Team Dragon forever! I also loved that Shattered gave the back story on Caleb and Connor's turbulent past. There are so many sad and shocking moments in Shattered all the way up till the end. This is a must read and one of my favorite all time books. I give this 5 out of 5 stars but would go higher if I could.

Giveaway Winners choice Scorched or Shattered courtesy of Author Mari Mancusi

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Monday, September 1, 2014


How can a child focus on solving a math problem or memorizing a new word when she or he is trying to ignore the persistent pangs of hunger?
Across the country, teachers and school nurses have found that in some instances, Monday morning comes and they are forced to compete against hunger for the attention of their students. More than 18 million children qualify for free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program, the fuel that they need to get them through the week. What happens to these children when they go home over the weekend?
For more than 15 years, the Feeding America BackPack Program has been helping children get the nutritious and easy-to-prepare food they need over the course of the weekend. Today, bags of food assembled at more than 150 local food banks are distributed at the end of the week to nearly 230,000 children every year. With your help, we can provide more. Feeding America is the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Their mission is to feed America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger. For less than one dollar, you can help. Twelve young adult authors have come together to form Otherworlds: Twelve Young Adult Fantasy Books to Benefit the Hungry. One hundred percent of the authors' proceeds from the sale of this charitable boxed set will be donated to Feeding America.

Otherworlds Boxed Set Cover Final
For ninety-nine cents, you can help feed America's hungry while feeding your imagination with twelve other worlds: Eternal Starling (Emblem of Eternity, #1), by Angela Corbett Pawn (Nightmares Trilogy, #1), by Sophie Davis The Prophecy (Divinity Stone, #1), by Desiree DeOrto Through Glass Novella Series (#4, #5, #6), by Rebecca Ethington Final Life (The Transhuman Chronicles, #1), by Rose Garcia Reality (The Arie Chronicles, #1), by Dani Hart Hunted (Dark Secrets, #1), by Allie Juliette Mousseau The Amulet (Custodian Novel, #1), by Alison Pensy Betraying Innocence, by Airicka Phoenix The Gatekeeper’s Sons (Gatekeeper’s Saga, #1), by Eva Pohler Halo City, by Mary Ting Blood and Snow (Blood and Snow #1), by RaShelle Workman Pre-order date: September 1st Release Date: September 15 Otherworlds is available now for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon (You may have to wait a few days for Amazon to price match the ninety-nine cents). It will soon be available at your other favorite ebook sellers, so stay tuned and thanks in advance for your support! Here is a list of bloggers participating in the promo book tour. Please visit these other amazing blogs! Shooting Star Book Reviews 9/1 Platypire Reviews 9/1 Eva Pohler Books 9/1 Seeing Double In Neverland 9/1 Ashley's Bookshelf 9/1 A Little Bit of R&R 9/1 The Power of Three Readers 9/1 Sammie's Book Blog 9/1 Promoting Authors, Books & Reviews 9/2 S & N Books and More 9/2 Jo Michaels Blog 9/2 Page Turners Book Blog 9/2 Paisley Reader 9/3 Dowie's Place 9/3 Escaping Life's Craziness With Books 9/3 cody pimps authors 9/3 Write Away Bliss 9/4 The Crazy Booksellers 9/5 Fairiechick's Fantasy Book Reader 9/5 Word Wenches Guilty Pleasure 9/6 Opinionated Cupcakes 9/6 GIFT 9/6 A Thousand Lives Lived 9/7 Shelves of Books 9/7 Reading For Fun 9/7 Write as Raine 9/8 Book Crazy Gals 9/10 Girls With Books 9/10 Short Side of Tall 9/10 EllieSewSweet 9/12 Eskimo Princess Book Reviews 9/13 Ang Corbett 9/14 Airicka Phoenix 9/15 CrossAngels 9/15 Pure Jonel 9/15