Fractured Glass by Tia Silverthorne Bach, Jo Michaels, Casey L. Bond, Kelly Risser, N. L. Greene ~ Review by Fallon

2.5 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

What if other worlds existed alongside your own? What if you could travel through them and truly escape reality?

Sloan and Harley Glass were born moments apart; but, despite their differences, the sixteen-year-old twins couldn’t be closer. They’ve held their tongues each and every time their mother has uprooted them—often moving across the country with little notice. They’ve learned to accept change. But what is Mom running from?

They discover they’re travelers—half-descendants of those who can traverse an entire universe of parallel worlds known as fractals. When the past catches up, Harley is kidnapped and taken to one of those distant worlds. Now, Sloan must garner her courage and find a way to rescue her sister. Traversing the worlds isn’t the hard part; it’s surviving the elements and the creatures lying in wait to destroy everything in their path.

Will the Glass sisters be able to save the fractal worlds from the kidnapper, or will everything fracture and crumble around them?

Fallon's Review:

This is a story about twins Harley and Sloan who are sixteen and could not be more different. Both twins deal with a very protective mom and an absent dad. They are always moving and never staying the same place. Weird things start to happen and both twins develop weird marks on their thighs and then even weirder things start to happen.

The twins discover there are parallel worlds that they can both access. They also discover their dad is looking for them and may not have the best intentions. Harley is kidnapped by their father and now Sloan must jump through the fractals to find her sister and rescue her.Things of dreams and nightmares await her at every turn and nothing is as it seems.

This story had such a great concept and as a twin I had to read this. I was drawn in right away. My biggest hang up was that the first couple Authors told the story and did not build the world that needed to be built. So by the time you got over half way through the story was still building and you kept needing more answers but ended up with more questions. Individually the writing was good and the story did flow. I just think somewhere early on the ball was dropped. I am giving this book 2.5 out of 5 stars.


  1. I agree with your thoughts on this. I like that you were honest with your review and still pointed out the good points even though it only got 2.5 stars.


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