Fire Study (Study #3) by Maria V. Snyder ~ Review by Fallon

3 Out of 5 Stars

Fallon's Review:

Fire Study picks up right after Magic Study ended. Yalena has to face a new threat. She also realizes the limitations to her power and it becomes her enemies gain. Fire is haunting her and she can not escape. Even in her sleep Yalena is tormented. 

Yalena soon leaves on a journey and soon learns there are still many enemies and some may be closer then she thinks. The only person she trusts completely Valek and he is on a mission of his own. Valek always seems to show up when it is imperative. Their bond is beyond comprehension. 

Fire Study had such great world building. When they find themselves under-ground I became claustrophobic with the characters. That is how descriptive it became. I did however wish there was more of Valek. Valek did not enter the story until the half way point. I also loved certain parts of this book but felt it was not my favorite out of the series. I did not feel there was as much romance in this book to balance the other aspects of the story line. This seemed to take a more paranormal twist and I liked the more fantasy theme of the first 2 books.

I am really excited to continue the series with Shadow Study since it is a Dual POV rotating between Valek and Yalena. Come back for my review on Feb 24th for Shadow Study.


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