Seeing Double In Neverland 16 Authors for 1 Night Only recap with #Giveaway

We had such a blast with this event and it seemed like the Authors did too. If you live anywhere near Fort Myers, FL and could not make it the Authors signed a bunch of books for the store. Thank you to all the Authors and fans who made last night such a success. 

The room was full. We got to see old friends and make a couple new ones. 

 Kyle Prue is such an inspiration for young writers. Such a well spoken young gentlemen. 

Jamie Ayres is always so eloquent. Loved hearing the other Authors talk about her writing and how moving it is.

Tonya Kuper talking on Anomaly and she is just so adorable.  
Eliza Tilton talking on Broken Forest and Wicked Path. She is pregnant and could not stand. Also could not get a clear solo pic of Jessica Souders who drove a long way to come. She was my first event I went to. I always love hearing her talk about The Elysium Chronicles. 

The Panel was a U shape and there were 16 amazing Authors
   Vivi Barnes talking about the research she did into Olivia Twisted. Vivi is so adorable and hilarious. 
Christina Farley talking on Gilded and Silvern and how she got to write the book in some pretty incredible places in Korea.  
 Trish Doller joined our Panel and we were so excited. She also talked on a new book she co-wrote coming out this fall with multiple Authors and you will want to keep and eye out for that!
Lynn Matson in the far left talked on Nil and how it just got extended to a Trilogy! YAY!! Talking in this pic is Amy Christine Parker who spoke on her YA Gated and Astray. We always love hearing her speak on writing and research. She has a darker book she is writing and Stephen King watch out.

Melissa Landers above talked on just getting 2 more books contracted through Disney Hyperion. Fingers Crossed for Alienated #3 but her new book out next year sounds amazing. 
Gaby Triana talked about her book Summer of Yesterday and we can not wait to read this book. She talked about the research she did and the fact she grew up in FL but still found things when researching she never knew.

 Krystal Wade talked about her many books and her future endeavors. She is righting a modern Sleeping Beauty horror story that sounded uniquely horrifying. Then she said she is playing around with an Aladdin retelling after. I have been dying for someone to take on Aladdin. 

 Lisa Cocca joined our panel with her book Provence and now we have another book added to our TBR 
Erica Cameron and Liz Coley brought the darker side of YA to the panel. Erica is so fun and out going and although everyong talked about how scary Pretty Girl 13 is we can not wait to read this book.

Everyone was laughing and I love the following pictures since they capture the spirit.

Handing out tickets and this was these girls first event and she won the grand prize. We were so happy for her.

Seeing Double In Neverland with Tonya Kuper and look even the Authors bought each others books.

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  1. You guys look like you had fun! I have never been to a signing. I wish I lived in FL, but I am in VA. Congrats to the reader who won the grand prize!

  2. You guys were super proudly guys were super organized and the whole thing went so well. I was super impressed!

  3. The B*E*S*T night of my life!! I hope we get to do this again next year with the festival, too :-) THANK YOU sooo much for organizing this! <3 <3

  4. I had a wonderful time - thank you so much for planning this fantastic event, Fallon and Morgan! Obviously, as you can see by the pictures, we laughed A LOT!! :)

    1. I <3 you Vivi Barnes and yes this is Fallon LOL

  5. Thank you so much for organizing this crazy fun event, Fallon & Morgan!!!! Awesome questions, much laughter, & tons of YA lit love. You girls rock!! (Loved finally getting to HUG you guys!) <3

    1. I was so glad you were able to fly in for this event

  6. I LOOOOOVVVEEDDDD being a part! Ya'll are super awesome and love y'all tons!!! So organized, so fun. Thank you for having me!!!! xoxoxo

    1. YAY Lynne we were so happy to do it again and have you be a part of it two years in a row

  7. I love this post! I cant wait to read your work!


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