Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw @EntangledTeen ~ Review by Fallon

4 Out of 5 Stars

Author Description:

I am different. I have always been different, but no one can know or my life will be in danger. So I hide in plain sight, wearing drab clothes and thick glasses and trying to be invisible. I’m so good at hiding, no one has ever noticed me. Until Ian…the mysterious and oh-so-cute boy I know I need to avoid.

Now I have been seen. And more terrifying still, I am wanted—by those who would protect me and those who would destroy everything and everyone I love. But if they’re all terrified about who I am, wait until they see what I can do…

Fallon's Review:

Thank you Entangled Teen for a copy of Atlantis Rising to review. This in no way effected my review.

Alison knows she is different and that she must hide who she is in order to protect her adopted parents. She has the ability to make people feel or think something is happening that is not. She met only one of her kind on a beach who explained she was a child of Atlantis and a different species then human. He also told her to hide herself. Some of their kind seek to find her and use her ability against the humans. Alison has been hiding ever since.

Alison has stayed successfully hidden for years and was now a senior in high school. The plain clothes geeky glasses, nobody would pay too much attention to a girl like that. Till she meets Ian. Ian is a boy who does not make her feel so freakishly tall. Blonde hair, cocky attitude, great smile and cute to boot. She is determined to keep her distance. That is until she trips and hits her head on the corner of the desk and Ian is quick to help.

Now the girl who tried so very hard not to be seen is now being noticed by Ian and Brandy. They are not all they seem and this story soon gets complicated but you will have to read to find out why.

Gloria Craw wrote a fun and flirty paranormal book that was intriguing and I could not help but want more. I love the fact that she wrote this book and kept in mind younger teens too. Don't get me wrong there is enough romance. I just like the fact my niece and I can both enjoy it.

Ian gave us the man candy. I love anything on Atlantis and I really hope the journey will continue. I am giving Atlantis Rising 4 out of 5 stars. If you want a fun read that is out of the box then this is for you.

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About Author
I grew up in the desert southwest, inspired everyday by the wide skies and rich colors around me. I attended the University of Utah where I majored and got a degree in anthropology. These days, I live in the burbs just outside of Seattle, Washington. I'm married and have four daughters. When I"m not running them to volleyball or swimming, I'm reading, writing or fangirling over some TV show. Fun fact...I always have my laptop with me. So, if you see some lady in the grocery store with a computer bag slung over her shoulder, it might be me.


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