Invisible Monsters (Talker 25, #2) by Joshua McCune Q&A

5 out of 5 Stars

Invisible Monsters by Joshua McCune
Talker 25, #2 
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
(An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
Publication Date: June 2, 2015

Author's Description:

Finally free after spending three months locked in a secret government facility where she was forced to torture and assassinate dragons for the popular television series Kissing Dragons, all Melissa Callahan wants is a quiet recovery. Hiding in an Alaskan cave with fellow escapee Allie (known as Talker 21), Melissa does her best to stay out of the dragon politics. However, when a group of rebels called the Diocletians discovers their hideout and captures Allie, Melissa soon realizes she must finally choose who she’s fighting for—the humans or the dragons. Joshua McCune once again keeps readers on the edge of their seats in this gritty and masterful reimagining of popular dragon fantasy set in a militant future, reminiscent of Paolo Bacigalupi's Ship Breaker and Ann Aguirre’s Outpost. 

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Question and Answer session with Joshua McCune 

What kind of research did you have to do to write a book like this? It is so detailed with all the military references.

Joshua: I grew up in the military, so there was a lot of inherent knowledge. What, everybody doesn’t know what FUBAR means? My father was actually in military intelligence, so that helped out a lot. But there are some more esoteric references that I discovered via serendipity that led to a few detail changes. For example, the Bureau of Dragon Affairs agents are nicknamed D-Men. Which is short for Dragon-Men, but also a play on the term G-Men (Government-Men), which is a nickname for FBI agents (though pretty much out of use now. Much bigger in the Capone days). One of my most interesting research findings however, in a twisted macabre sort of way, was learning how the military used Disney songs looped on repeat to torture victims at Guantanamo Bay. I used this as inspiration for the quarantine cell scene in TALKER 25.

Are you working on book 3 now, and when can we expect a release date and title for it?

Joshua: I am almost finished with the first draft. Still don’t know about the title or release date, but hopefully around this time next year, we’ll all have it in our hands.

 What are your plans next after you complete the Talker 25 trilogy? Do have anymore books you want to write or are you planing on taking a break?

Joshua: I’ve got a genre-bender time travel story I’m looking at. I’ve got a background in engineering and physics, and multiverse theory has always been something that’s fascinated me. This story incorporates a lot of multiverse theory, but in an accessible, fast-paced way. I’m also looking at a spy thriller… something grittier than what’s already out there (I tend toward gritty as you’ve probably noticed )

Is writing your full-time job? If not what job do you like more? 

Joshua: Writing is full-time right now, though I’m looking into getting into fitness training. I’m certified, and exercise has always been my sanctuary. It helps me get away from what’s going on in my own head, or, when I’m lucky, untangle a plot line. Plus it’s a helluva lot easier than writing. Lol. Lots of people thinking getting in shape, eating right is difficult, and it can be given the hectic nature of life’s unrelenting schedule, but honestly, writing a novel is the hardest thing I’ve done (by far)… if you can do that, you can do pretty much anything, IMO. And that’s my goal as a trainer. To remind people that the things they’ve done so far, the things they’re doing are so much more difficult than getting into the gym, pushing to go a little faster, to do one more rep. Push yourself, and the sky’s the limit. I’ve actually added a little bit of ‘training’ to my kissing-dragons website to incorporate my two passions. So go, train like an All-Black!

Thank you, Joshua, for taking the time out to answer a few of my questions and for writing such an amazing series!

Joshua: Thank you so much, Morgan, for having me and for all the love and support you’ve shown my glowheart!

              About Joshua:

At some point in the exuberance of my youth, my mother nicknamed me "Sunshine." Then I hit third grade, started writing books about WWIII (complete w/ pics). By 5th grade, my wars had expanded to the universe. Mother was worried.
Over the years, I've continued to worry Mother, but at least the writing's improved a skosh (the drawing sure hasn't. Wanna good laugh, invite me to a game of Pictionary).
I live with my wife in San Antonio, TX. We have a black lab, Anubis, and a ferocious dachshund who sometimes answers to Boots. You can call me Joshua, Josh, J, Bane of Anubis... working on that Sunshine.​
I'm repped by Ammi-Joan Paquette of EMLA.

Connect with me on Websites: Joshua McCune ~ Kissing Dragons 
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