Tawney Thursday: Book Fan Art

I love drawing. When I'm stressed I draw because it relaxes my mind. 

I find that my drawings are inspired by the books I've read. Fantastic books that take the reader on adventures with wonderful characters and gorgeous worlds. I may not be that good of an artist but I love drawing people, especially book characters. 

Let's take a look at my fan art and the books they are inspired from!

1: The Young Elites and Legend by Marie Lu

I just loved this book, especially Adelina! What a strong character and not to mention badass heroine.  I loved her features so I wanted to capture that. And can't forget Enzo!

I also did a crossover with Legend character June and Adelina. I just thought it would be fun.


The first drawing is of the main character Mare, before I read the book and knew anything about her. I just wanted to draw a girl with a bloody crown.

The second drawing was after I read the book. I loved Mare and her awesome lightning powers. 

The third picture is of Maven and his mom Queen Elana. They are the best characters you love to hate.

I loved this series so much I just kept drawing. Wonderful writing and world building by Victoria. 


I love, LOVE Morpheus from the Splintered series so I had to draw him. His character is so eccentric and well fashioned.

This was a unique story that drew me in at every turn of the page. I loved the bond between Elias and Helene of the Masks. I had to capture their moment together before all hell breaks loose.

5. Lunar Chronicles by Merissa Meyer

I love the bad characters, those who try everything to thwart the main heroine. In the Lunar Chronicles I was obsessed with  Queen Levana with her insidious ways and wanted to capture her dark side. 

That's just a few of my drawings. I also draw my own characters from my own stories, but that's for another time!


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