Vero Beach @FierceReads Tour Recap, Interview and #Giveaway to #Win #SixofCrows #Firewalker #FirstandThen #TheStreetsareOurs

I was so honored to be the Fierce Reads blogger for the Vero Beach event. I got a private interview with the Authors before the event and they are hilarious together. I am also bringing all of you the event in 2 videos so you can enjoy their advice and humor as we all did.

Do not forget to enter the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. You can win all the featured books courtesy of Fierce Reads and the signed poster and Fierce Reads bag with Fierce swag I will send a second winner. This is a Giveaway you do not want to miss.

Thank you Fierce Reads for all the Authors books to read ahead of time. I had already read Six of Crows and loved it so much. I newly fell in love with First and Then. My pre-order copy did not come in before the signing so I bought one at the event. My pre-order got donated to my local library for more teens to fall in love with this story. Devon was so relate-able and I highly recommend. The Streets are Ours had such great dynamics  between a mother and Daughter. I loved the energy in Leila's writing. Lastly Josephine Angelini gave me more fantasy which I love. I loved the parallel world dynamic and the contemplation on what makes into the people we will become. Does life experience and situations shape us or are we born who we will be. I was so happy for the mix up of genres and tore through these.

Q&A with the Fierce Reads Author

1. Did you do any research for your novel? (Especially you Josephine with the pee in the first book Trial by Fire)

Josephine - "With the Uric Acid. I was such a Science Geek in High school and in College. I just kind of knew that one. I did look up Black Walnut shells but the pee I knew." (The other Authors then wanted the pee being a stripping agent explained to them and Leigh said "lovely LOL and then said it reminded her of an episode of Friends where they have to pee on Monica because she gets stung by a Jelly Fish.")

Leila - "There is a part in her book Past Perfect. Civil War rein-actors use urine to tarnish the buttons on their suits. (Leigh then says there has to be another way to do that. Maybe not as hardcore but your not handling urine)"
Specifically one of the things in my book is about the mom being crappy and she has been super mom for so long she can not take it anymore so she runs off to New York City. One of the things I researched was the phenomenon of the super mom. Kind of like the whole debate can women have it all. Which was obviously something I knew about and had read about which made me want to write this in the first place but then I kept reading more and more. (Leigh said " I Love the mother daughter dynamic in your book")

Emma - There is pee in First and Then. Peeing on a stick. Another component is about football. In High School I started writing it and we did not have a football teem. I did a ton of googling. All aspects of football particularly High School. I was fascinated with the Army curates teams each year a east and west team." (Leigh says "I never knew about that. Their is a lot of technical stuff." Leila says I really just assumed you were a football fan.") "I mean I love it. Find it fascinating but no. We did not have one. We did not have a High School football team growing up. 

Leigh - In Mal's letters someone goes out and pees and dies. 
Let's see for Six of Crows I met with a guy who used to be in the CIA. He helped me out with some of the security protocols for like The White House and nuclear facilities. So I could ground some of the protocols for the Ice Court into something realistic. I did at one point I have a friend who is a chemist so I talked to her about knockout gas. Ways to create knockout gas. As it turns out it is incredibly hard to knock somebody out without killing them. The line between is, Chloroform is incredibly dangerous. So basically the core palate in my book would be hard to create. You would need enough to knock them out they would be like whoa what you weirdo if you use too little, or you are going to kill them. It is very tricky. I researched some about surviving in very cold weather. When Matthias is giving people tips those are actual things I researched. There is a great book called The Big Con. Is the history of the most common cons. The problem is they get pretty redundant basically the same scam with little minor differences.  

2. What was your favorite scene to write?

Emma - "It is spoiler based so I can not really say. It is sort of a pivital scene between Devon and Foster. It was a very emotional scene."

Leigh - "I know my favorite scene in Josie's book is the sexy scenes. It is almost a 3-way. I could not believe you got away with it. Nobody said a word." (Josephine  says "He was reading (her husband) I hear oh come on. I was like he is at it") "I was reading it on retreat and I was like guys, guys, guys." 

Josephine - "The scenes that are the most fun for me to write are always the action scenes. Like the end of Firewalker That piece all comes out at once and I am like ARGH. " (Leigh says "your husband is like" and then makes expression) "No he is so used to me at this point. I am always coming into the other room walking back and forth talking to myself. He is a writer too so he gets it." 

Leila - "The whole night between Arden the main character and peter the blogger. The basically just have this awesome night together. They are riding around in a limousine and there has been all this build up to it. She had so many ideas of what he is going to be like. She know so much about him which is so great because when you have two characters that first meet they are like now where are you from? But it is great because you do not have any of that because she has pieced it all together and they can just dive right in."

3. Who's writing most inspires you?

Leila - "I am like a huge fan of Dave Berry. He is so amazing. He was the Author who made me want to write. I have read more of his stuff then anything else. In YA since I did not say Meg Cabot." 

Josephine - "I have not read Six of Crows yet. I am a new mother but The Grisha Triolgy, Kristin Cashore's Graceling, Marie Rutkoski I am sure there are dozens more. There are so many great YA writers. In my opinion there are a lot of great people out there doing great work." 

Leigh - "My fantasy writer will always be George R. R. Martin. I think I have learned more from him about world building and what I like in a book and I wasn't looking for that, it just happened. I think the pros like I really love are (there were a couple other Authors mentioned but I could not hear them on the audio clear enough to want to post them) Lani Taylor. Jandy Nelson just knocks my socks off." 

Emma - "I read a lot of Jerry Spinelli one of my go to people as a kid and a teen. As an adult I love Rainbow Rowell too." 

4. Would you write outside your usual genre in the future?

Leigh - "Define our usual Genre. (you both are fantasy writers and you both are contemporary writers would you swap roles?) 
I can not imagine writing something that did not have some kind of supernatural, or magical or fantastical element. Just because I do not like real life. I also have a great deal of interest in reality but I am most interested in reality that is slightly off. You never know never say never. I also like the books where there is a question. Is it much more real or is it horror. Never really sure if it was fantasy or an unreliable narrative or the nature of the pros. (Would you do Adult?) I would do Adult."

Liela - "I totally would I actually have in the Spring my next book is a middle grade time travel called Once was a Time. I don't think I want to write anything for Adults. I would happily write books with fantasy elements I do not think I could come up with the world like you guys do but yah that's a talent."

Josephine - "I have a very large eccentric family. I was on the phone with her a little bit ago for edits. My parents house burnt down. My sister gets on the phone with me and we start laughing about it. It was going to happen eventually. One of us was going to burn the house down and I can not believe it took this long. (she laughs) It was one of those things when I told Molly my agent I started laughing and she was like you have to write about your family someday. She was like every time I get on the phone with you there is something. Dude I do not know anybody whose house burnt down. I am a grown women so I was fine and my parents were like well at least we do not have to give all that stuff to Goodwill. It was totally cool."  (Leila then tell us Josie is the youngest of 8) 

Emma - "So yes I would change genre. I keep trying to sell my agent on a book about graduate school cause I am in graduate school. I think I want to write an adult fiction book about Graduate school."

Lightning Round of questions

Favorite TV show?

Leila - The OC
Leigh - The 100
Emma - Parks and Rec
Josephine - Game of Thrones (Leigh it was until last season)

Writing Guilty snack?

Leila - Chocolate Chips but I am not guilty
Leigh - Jam from a jar
Emma - bagel bites
Josephine - I can not write when I eat. I have got to write hungry.

Coffee or Tea?

Leila - Tea but not caffeinated 
Leigh - Coffee

Go to book?

Leigh - I am lost I am thinking of every book I ever lost
Leila - Little Princes

Item you can not live without?

Leigh - My phone/ipod. 
Emma - Phone
Josephine - Lip Gloss
Leila - Nasal Spray (thinks got rowdy and hilarious at this point) I always think if I were on Cupid and it were the top three items you can not live without Nasal spray, pepto and my blankie. 

1 word describe your book?

Josephine - Fire
Leigh - Heist
Leila - Good
Emma - Charming - It is ok because Josie said it.

If you were not able to attend and would like signed books from the Authors please call 
Vero Beach Book Center
Toll Free: 1-888-732-3226


1st 1 Winner will win the book from the tour courtesy of Fierce Reads. (I just took a pic to show you an example of what you will win!)

2nd 1 Winner will win a Fierce Reads bag and signed poster with Fierce swag!

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  1. Definitely wanting to read Six of Crows!

  2. Replies
    1. Great taste all though they were all fabulous I have to say

  3. All of them??? But I think on the top of my list is Leigh Bardugo. Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I agree with most people that all of the books look great but I really want to Six of Crows!!!

  5. I already have read Leila's so I won't chose that the other 3 are a tie, sorry each for different reasons but I want to read them each just as much!!!

  6. I'm definitely excited about Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I loved the Grisha trilogy and all of this praise for the spinoff puts it at the top of my to-read list.


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