Fallon's Interview Danielle Paige #Yallfest2015 @EpicReads

I was so excited to sit down with the adorable Danielle Paige. I wish I had gotten pictures of her fabulous attire everyday. I did manage to get a picture of her and the other Authors for the Hollywood Squares. Next years goal is to get a picture with Danielle.

Yallfest had the fabulous Dorthy Must Die sunglasses and even Tristan could not help but rock them in line.

Danielle Paige interview

Favorite scene to write? 
The scene where Pete comes out

Hardest character to write? 
I do not find the characters hard to write their voices are there. My biggest challenge is Stealing Snow since it is a new world I am immersing myself in. 

You were the actress who played in in Guiding Light right would you act again? 
I love you for that but I wrote on the show. (I swear you look like the girl who played a model LOL) I love you for that seriously. (Danielle was an extra for a couple episodes On Guiding Light) 

So would you go back to writing for tv? 
Yes totally

Would you write your own screen play if optioned for movie or tv?
I totally would if the opportunity presented itself 

Lightning Round

Favorite TV show? 
Orphan Black

Coffee or Tea?

Book in 1 word? 

Thank you Danielle Paige for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down in between signing to do this interview.


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