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Julia Vanishes (Witch's Child #1)

Hardcover384 pages
Expected publication: June 7th 2016 
by Knopf Books for Young Readers
Source: ARC Provided by the Publisher
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars 


Julia has the unusual ability to be…unseen. Not invisible, exactly. Just beyond most people’s senses.

It’s a dangerous trait in a city that has banned all forms of magic and drowns witches in public Cleansings. But it’s a useful trait for a thief and a spy. And Julia has learned—crime pays.

Her latest job is paying very well indeed. Julia is posing as a housemaid in the grand house of Mrs. Och, where an odd assortment of characters live and work: A disgraced professor who sends her to fetch parcels containing bullets, spiders, and poison. An aristocratic houseguest who is locked in the basement each night. And a mysterious young woman who is clearly in hiding—though from what or whom?

Worse, Julia suspects that there’s a connection between these people and the killer leaving a trail of bodies across the frozen city.

The more she learns, the more she wants to be done with this unnatural job. To go back to the safety of her friends and fellow thieves. But Julia is entangled in a struggle between forces more powerful than she’d ever imagined. Escape will come at a terrible price.


Thank you Random house Kids for sending me a copy for review. This in no way affected my opinion.

Julia Vanishes is a mystery with elements of magic and a historical feel. I enjoyed reading this one and the mystery element kept me creeping through the pages to find out what would happen next. I loved that Julia her brother Dek and all her other misfits =some how formed a family . Julia was tenacious and Dek always was worried something would happen and warned her to be careful going out alone especially with so many bodies turning up dead.

This definitely had a Victorian era feel when people who were different or did things odd were perceived witches and were burned but in this story were instead drowned. Julia's mother was one of those people and on the day her mother was taken her and Dek's father abandoned them. 

Catherine Egan combined so many genres and elements but made it work in the most interesting way. Neither genre overpowered the next. They flowed harmoniously which made me love the book even more. 


US Only and 1 Winner courtesy of Random House Kids

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  1. Great review! I love that the characters are mismatched, yet fit together. I love that this book contains mystery and kept you turning the pages.

  2. I just started this book. I am so !!!!!!!!!!! What is going on?!!? And so far I am loving this world that has been created. I'm pretty sure I am going to miss it when I finish reading

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  4. Awesome cover. My girls are really wanting to read this!

  5. I'm so glad I read this! I really enjoyed the mix of the serial murders, magic, the alternate Victorian setting, and Julia as a flawed heroine - my favorite. Glad you enjoyed it :)

    Also, please disregard my entry which was in error, lol! Oooops :)


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