Interview with Phoebe North for #Bookitcon2016 @UBUbiz @ReadWriteLove28

I was honored that I was asked to interview one of the Authors for Bookitcon an amazing event that supports such an amazing cause.

About the Event:

Bookitcon: Chapter Two is a charity book event. We currently have 28 incredible authors in our lineup. The book event will include meet-n-greets with the authors, along with two panels and the opportunity to get all of your books signed by all of the authors!

If you purchase the VIP ticket, you will also be invited to a VIP dinner/after party with the authors, along with getting an extra hour to get your books signed!


Surprises in Publishing

Moderator: S Usher Evans
Panelists: Anna Breslaw
Kathryn Holmes
Lee Kelly
Jodi Meadows
Julie Eshbaugh

Facts vs Fiction

Moderator: Claire Legrand
Panelists: Beth Fantaskey
Sandy Hall
Kendall Kulper
Mia Siegert
Eric Smith


16 East Main Street Moorestown, NJ 08057


Sunday, August 7th, 2016


I decided to start UBUbiz because I wanted a way to combine my passions for reading, business, and charity/community service. After wracking my brain for months, the idea of Bookitcon suddenly appeared! This is my second year hosting Bookitcon, and I can’t wait. - Nori @ReadWriteLove28 

Interview with Author Phoebe North:

1) did you have to do any research for The Starglass duology?

Yes, I researched a ton about botany and Jewish traditions, not to mention making a space ship work! I did enough research to know that a generation ship is really impossible (particularly artificial gravity) but I had a fun time delving into the science anyway.
2) What is your favorite read so far in 2016?

Without a doubt my best reading experience was of Rachel Hartman's upcoming book TESS IN BOOTS, which should be out next year. It was lush and real and fantastic all at once and it has ruined other books for me, just a little. I can't wait until everyone else can read it! 

3) What was your favorite scene to write in any of your books?

Anything involving Terra and Mara. I love that grumpy botanist so much. 

4) What is your next project going to be? (If you can not say too much what genre will it be)

I'm currently drafting book called PARACOSM, an ambitious little slipstream YA novel about a brother who goes missing, a sister who is left behind, and the magical kingdom that connects them. Think of it as ROOM meets PAN'S LABYRINTH. 

5) At what age did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I can't remember a time when I didn't write, though there were moments when I also wanted to be other things. The final straw for me was probably when I applied to art school and then changed my mind after I got accepted. I realized that, as much as I'll always love art, my true passion was for storytelling.

6) Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I have tried my hardest to become a plotter since I sold STARGLASS--I'd convinced myself that it was the way real writers approached books. But the books I wrote with an outline were terrible. I'm back to pantsing, and my writing is much better for it. 

7) Who's writing most inspires you?
Margaret Atwood! 

8) What do you hope readers will take away from your stories?

I hope they find them to be emotionally honest. Whether set on Earth or in the far reaches of space, I want to tell stories about real, vital people whose conflicts and problems reflect the true heart of our world. 

9) What TV show is a must for you to watch? (for example I can not miss Once Upon a Time)
I'm a total TV addict. Mad Men is probably my all-time favorite show. I've watched it four times already, and I love how I discover more on every re-watch. 

10) What inspired your short story The Cowbird Egg?

The Cowbird Egg started as a joke about kicking my husband out of bed. But after I made the joke, I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if there was a paranormal creature whose life actually reflected the life cycle of a real cowbird, supplanting another human being, stealing its resources and its strength. The story came out pretty fully-formed after that.

About the Author:

Born in suburban New Jersey, Phoebe North was an avid reader from an early age. She read in the bathtub, at the dinner table, in front of the television, and under the blankets with a flashlight when she should have been asleep.
She has an MFA in poetry from the University of Florida, but while in graduate school rediscovered her dual loves of science fiction and children’s literature.  She loves writing books about magic and robots and first kisses almost as much as she loves Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
She now lives in New York State with her husband, daughter, and feline companion. Despite many soaked pages, she still loves to read in the bath.
She is represented by Amy Boggs at Donald Maass Literary Agency.

For more Information on Bookitcon or to purchase tickets:


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