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An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson ~ Review

An Enchantment of Ravens by Hardcover, 300 pages Published September 26th 2017  by Margaret K. McElderry Books Source: ARC provided by the publisher Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Isobel is a prodigy portrait artist with a dangerous set of clients: the sinister fair folk, immortal creatures who cannot bake bread, weave cloth, or put a pen to paper without crumbling to dust. They crave human Craft with a terrible thirst, and Isobel’s paintings are highly prized among them. But when she receives her first royal patron—Rook, the autumn prince—she makes a terrible mistake. She paints mortal sorrow in his eyes – a weakness that could cost him his life.

Furious and devastated, Rook spirits her away to the autumnlands to stand trial for her crime. Waylaid by the Wild Hunt’s ghostly hounds, the tainted influence of the Alder King, and hideous monsters risen from barrow mounds, Isobel and Rook depend on one another for survival. Their alliance blossoms into trust, then love, violat…

Sparks of Light (Into the Dim #2) by Janet B. Taylor ~ Review

Sparks of Light (Into the Dim #2) by Hardcover, 448 pages Published August 1st 2017  by HMH Books for Young Readers Source: ARC provided by the publisher Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

For the first time in her life, Hope Walton has friends . . . and a (maybe) boyfriend. She’s a Viator, a member of a long line of time-traveling ancestors. When the Viators learn of a plan to steal a dangerous device from the inventor Nikola Tesla, only a race into the past can save the natural timeline from utter destruction. Navigating the glitterati of The Gilded Age in 1895 New York City, Hope and her crew will discover that high society can be as deadly as it is beautiful.

Thank you HMH Teen for sending me a copy of Sparks of Light for review. This in no way affected my opinion.

Into the DIM was one of my favorite books I read this year. I was kicking myself saying why did I not read this sooner. The world drew me in and the time travel was fun and not over complicated. I felt trans…

Waiting on Wednesday: Defy the Worlds (Constellation #2) by Claudia Gray

Defy the Worlds (Constellation #2) by Hardcover, 480 pages Expected publication: April 3rd 2018  by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Noemi Vidal has returned to her planet, Genesis, as an outsider. Ostracized for refusing to sacrifice Abel, the galaxy's most advanced mechanical man, she dreams of traveling through the stars one more time. And when a deadly plague arrives on Genesis, Noemi gets her chance. As the only soldier to have ever left the planet, it will be up to her to save its people...if only she wasn't flying right into a trap.

Abel, now fully aware of his soul and captaining his own ship, never thought he'd get to see Noemi again, not when the entire universe stands between them. But when his creator, Burton Mansfield, delivers news of Noemi's capture, Abel must go to her, no matter the cost.

In a race against time, Abel and Noemi band together to stop Mansfield once and for all. The depraved scientist has engineered a way to achieve imm…

The Scarecrow Queen (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #3) @IreadYA by Melinda Salisbury ~ Review

The Scarecrow Queen (The Sin Eater’s Daughter #3) by Paperback, 320 pages Expected publication: October 31st 2017  by Scholastic Press Source: ARC provided by publisher Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
The final battle is coming . . .

As the Sleeping Prince tightens his hold on Lormere and Tregellan, the net closes in on the ragged band of rebels trying desperately to defeat him. Twylla and Errin are separated, isolated, and running out of time. The final battle is coming, and Aurek will stop at nothing to keep the throne forever . . .

Explosive, rich and darkly addictive, this is the stunning conclusion to Mel Salisbury's internationally best-selling trilogy that began with The Sin Eater's Daughter.
Today's #bookstagramchallenge #autumn colors and leaves #grimdragon #geekishlyreadingoctober I picked #thescarecrowqueen by @melindasalisbury thank you @ireadya for sending me this beauty! 🍁🍁🍁 Orange covers - #riotgrams #bookstabestieoffall 🍁🍁🍁 Cover love - #spoo…

Blog Tour: Renegades (Renegades #1) by Marissa Meyer ~ Fashion Board and Review

I am so excited to be a part of the Renegades Blog Tour! I adore Marissa Meyers writing and Renegades was one of my most anticipated books this year to read.

Renegades (Renegades #1)by Hardcover, 576 pages Expected publication: November 7th 2017  by Feiwel & Friends Source: ARC provided by the publisher Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

From #1 New York Times-bestselling author Marissa Meyer, comes a high-stakes world of adventure, passion, danger, and betrayal.

Secret Identities.
Extraordinary Powers.
She wants vengeance. He wants justice.

The Renegades are a syndicate of prodigies—humans with extraordinary abilities—who emerged from the ruins of a crumbled society and established peace and order where chaos reigned. As champions of justice, they remain a symbol of hope and courage to everyone...except the villains they once overthrew.

Nova has a reason to hate the Renegades, and she is on a mission for vengeance. As she gets closer to her target, she meets Adrian, a Renegade bo…

Blog Tour: The Wicker King by K. Ancrum ~ Interview

I am so excited to kick of The Wicker King blog tour. Do not forget to check out the exclusive Gif created by Fierce Reads and my interview with the Author! She will make you want to dive into The Wicker King even more.

The Wicker Kingby Hardcover, 320 pages Expected publication: October 31st 2017  by Imprint

The Wicker King is a psychological young adult thriller that follows two friends struggling as one spirals into madness.

When August learns that his best friend, Jack, shows signs of degenerative hallucinatory disorder, he is determined to help Jack cope. Jack’s vivid and long-term visions take the form of an elaborate fantasy world layered over our own—a world ruled by the Wicker King. As Jack leads them on a quest to fulfill a dark prophecy in this alternate world, even August begins to question what is real or not.

August and Jack struggle to keep afloat as they teeter between fantasy and their own emotions. In the end, each must choose his own truth.

Seeing Double i…