Ever the Brave (Clash of Kingdoms #2) by Erin Summerill ~ Review & Character Interview

Ever the Brave (Clash of Kingdoms #2)
Hardcover464 pages
Published December 5th 2017 
by HMH Books for Young Readers
Source: ARC Provided by publisher
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Ever the Divided. Ever the Feared. Ever the Brave.
After saving King Aodren with her newfound Channeler powers, Britta only wants to live a peaceful life in her childhood home. Unfortunately, saving the King has created a tether between them she cannot sever, no matter how much she'd like to, and now he's insisting on making her a noble lady. And there are those who want to use Britta’s power for evil designs. If Britta cannot find a way to harness her new magical ability, her life—as well as her country—may be lost.

The stakes are higher than ever in the sequel to Ever the Hunted, as Britta struggles to protect her kingdom and her heart.


Thank you HMH books for sending me a copy of Ever the Brave for review. This in no way affected my opinion.

I read Ever the Brave back in June and at the time not many had read the book. I had so many feels and need to talk them out so I messaged Erin and said can I talk about all my feels. She of course graciously talked with me.

I would have given Ever the Brave 3.5 stars based on the ARC but I expressed my concern and how I need this one thing in the story to be ok with the conclusion. Erin told me "She had written that scene but it was edited out." I begged for the scene to be added and she reached out to HMH and it was added to the finish copy of Ever the Brave. That scene made a world of difference.

I felt like it evened the honesty in the relationship and even though relationships are not perfect, secrets can fester. So this being resolved made my heart happy. I did have feels and was leaning more towards one of the guys in this book but I think if you combine the two books you know right away who Britta will end up with. 

Love is a journey and there are bumps in the road and I enjoyed this journey immensely. I am beyond excited for the next book in Erin's series. This is a must read fellow book lovers.

Character Interview with Erin Summerill

King Aodren

1) What quality do you think makes you a good king? 

Right, so I haven’t been the best king. It didn’t help that I was surrounded by manipulators, but things have changed. I’ve formed a team of honest advisors. I’ve listened to my people, and I’m determined to give them a better future. I sure hope that’s enough to make me a good king. Or at least, a better one.

2) Do you believe you have real feelings for Britta or is it just the tether between you? 

I’ve thought about this a lot. It helps that we have a connection. Perhaps that is the spark of what I feel, but more than that, she’s something different and refreshing. It would be impossible not to be drawn to her.

3) What quality do you most admire in Britta? 

She does not mince words. In a world where others have sought to manipulate me, someone who is forthright and real about who they are is admirable.

4) What is your favorite childhood memory?

Once, when Omar was teaching me sword fighting, I hesitated when maneuvering through an attack drill. I unintentionally sliced my captain’s forearm, drawing blood. My lack of focus and control embarrassed me, and I retreated, suggesting we end our sparring session for the day.

Omar’s stern frown kept me in place. “Don’t shy away. Your mistake was in hesitating. To survive on the battle field, you must act with exactness and determination. Now raise your sword and try that maneuver again.”

I stared at him. “You would rather me cut your arm? If I hadn’t hesitated, I might’ve—”

“Sever it,” he cut me off with a harsh response. “But no matter what, don’t hesitate.”

Omar’s advice was jarring, but it gave me something to think about. As a king, hesitation allowed others to intrude on my reign, and in turn, harm the people of Malam. Determination, that was the key word for how I should rule the kingdom.

5) What do you respect most in Cohen? 

More than any man in my kingdom, He’s trustworthy, dependable, and he will fight for those he cares about.

6) Favorite food? 

Bread. The smell of freshly baked bread has a magical way of filling the cold, stones of my castle with comfort.


1) What quality draws you to Cohen?

He is fearless about who he is and what he wants. He is a skilled, fearsome fighter, and at the same time, he can be soft and gentle. When we were younger, we would race each other, and he wouldn’t let up. I would have to fight to keep my ground. I like that he challenged me, and that he knows I’m as capable as him. And then there is his smile…I feel it to the tips of my fingers.

2) What quality draws you to King Aodren? 

Besides our link? Seeds, I hate that tether sometimes…and other times, well, Aodren isn’t who I thought he was. He truly cares about Malam. There is good in him that so many people never see. It makes me want to see more.

3) What quality drives you crazy about Cohen? Sometimes, he makes me furious. While I love that Cohen cares about his family and cares about me, it is aggravating that he makes decisions with the intent to protect me or help me. He knows I’m capable. But he struggles to draw the line. Just as he worries for his family, he worries too much about me.

4) What quality drives you crazy about King Aodren? 

He thinks this link between us could be something more. The last thing I want is a relationship founded on magic. What happens when the magic is gone?

5) What do you love most about your mom and what do you miss most about the time lost with her? 

I don’t really have any memories of her. Mostly I miss that I have no memories of her. I wonder what it would’ve been like to grow up with her in the home.

6) What is your favorite memory of your dad? 

His words. He always had something clever to say when I was feeling down, or learning something new.

7) What do you hope for most in your future? 

To never have to interact with the old crows in the market. They’re awful. I want to live in my cottage, and have a nice quiet life, and one day have a family of my own.

8) What is your favorite food? 

Elk and potatoes.


1) What quality do you love most in Britta? 

Her strength. More than any woman I’ve ever met, Britta is a strong survivor. She is scrappy and determined and pragmatic about what needs to be done. And beneath it all, she’s vulnerable. I like that she doesn’t show that vulnerability to many. I’ve seen that side of her, and it only makes me love her more.

2) Why is it hard for you to always tell Britta the truth? 

 It’s not like I set out wanting to lie to her. But then Saul asked me to keep a secret, and he was my mentor. I loved him like a father. I understood his reasons, and because I care so deeply for Britt, I wanted to protect her. My biggest problem is I know Britta hasn’t had many champions in her life. She’s had to fight for everything she has. I see her struggles and I want to give her my protection and love. And yeah, sometimes that means I make choices that I think are the best for her. I’m a bludger.

3) What is your favorite childhood memory with Britta? 

Saul challenged us to improve our shooting accuracy. Both of us worked with a bow and arrow for weeks. At the end of a month, I shot all five targets that Saul challenged us to hit, and landed an arrow in the target circle. I was so happy, that I might’ve said a word or two about winning.

Britta lifted her bow next, and hit each target dead center. Proved me wrong.

How could I not fall in love with her?

4) What do you hope for most in your future? 

To make a life with Britta. She is my world.

5) What do you respect most in Aodren? 

He wants to be a good king. I can see he struggles with Malam’s past, but it’s comforting to know that he wants to bring about change.

6) What is your favorite food? 

Pottage. The kind Britta and Saul always had on the fire.

About the Author:

Erin Summerill was born in England. After spending years bouncing between Air Force bases in Hawaii, England, and California, her family settled in Utah, where Erin graduated with a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University. She had aspirations to write the next great American novel, but writing proved tougher than she first thought. So she grabbed a Nikon and became a professional photographer while crafting manuscript after manuscript. The scenic detour of shooting weddings across the United States, as well as internationally, provided world-building inspiration. It gave her the vision to draft her debut YA fantasy, EVER THE HUNTED. Now when she isn’t writing, or shooting a wedding, she’s chasing her four kids, two dogs, one cat, and five chickens. This could be why she downs massive amounts of Coke Zero and Hot tamales.

You can follower her on twitter: @erinsummerill


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